Friday, April 30, 2010

RGM-79(G) HAMMER WIP part 4

So I finally got my decals that I ordered and the microsol to make them permanent. I am still waiting to get the shield to complete him and I decided to stick with the missile pack instead of getting a bazooka.

This was my test run at modding, seem line removal, painting with an AB, panel lining, applying decals, and weathering. I think it has turned out pretty good.

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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Making of the P90 Model 98 Phase 5

Phase 5: Installation of the Q-loader and Paint

Here is a test fit of the Q-loader. You don’t have to use the Q-loader, but I had some extra parts for it so I wanted to use it. Also I didn’t want to have a hopper in the way of the sight.

Now for the easy part. Painting can be done before hand, so that you don’t have to worry about painting the mag. I chose to paint it all black and add my personal symbol, the club in olive green. Also, I put a 10" barrel from Opsgear so it would look better and emphasize the that it is a close combat weapon.

And there it is! Take it out and turn some heads!

Making of the P90 Model 98 Phase 4

Phase 4: Putting the P90 together.

This part was a little tricky because I wanted to have the mag clip in like it is supposed to. So to do this put the front end together and insert the mag, then snap the back end together put the piece that holds the mag in place back on( this will also help hold the gun body together), and push the mag down into place.

This process may take a while as adjustments will have to be made to allow the P90 body to completely close around the Tippman Model 98.

Making of the P90 Model 98 Phase 3

Phase 3: Putting in the 98 and Trigger Installation

Putting the 98 into the P90 body is the easy part. The hard put is making the trigger work; which is really just trial and error until you can get it to work.

I chose to use a hanger to connect the 98 trigger to the P90 trigger. This is not the ideal method but I saw it done and I got it to work.

The following picture has a few parts blown up so it is easier to see what was done with the connection of the triggers. Also, the note to the blue box is a hole for the air hose to exit the P90 body. I chose to just use the steal hose as is; to save money and because I run remote anyways. So if you do this you will need to make a cut out for the hose. I did this using a dremel with the body together.

Here are the blown up pictures of the triggers. As you can see you will need to drill holes to attach the hanger.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Making of the P90 Model 98 Phase 2

Phase 2: Preparing the P90 body

Pretty much everything has to be cut off and grinded down inside the shells of the P90. So be patient and take your time. However, try to leave as many of the posts for the screws that hold the P90 body together, as they will still be needed hold it together when it is finished.

Here are a couple of pictures of the inside of the shells before:

Here are the after pictures with a few notes to follow to allow the Tippmann Model 98 to properly fit once complete. You can click on the pictures to enlarge them to read the notes.

The magazine of the P90 will also need to be cut to to allow the Tippmann Model 98 to fit inside it and for the feed to go through part of it.

Making of the P90 Model 98 Phase 1

I have decided to share how I modified a Tippmann Model 98 to fit and function inside an airsoft P90. For all of you Stargate SG-1 fans this is a must read.

To start off I bought a Airssoft P90 for $30 on eBay; and a Model 98 on ebay for $60. You don't need to have a brand new Tippmann 98 to do this; in fact you will want one that you don't mind if it gets ruined and is no longer usable.

I chose to use a Tippmann Model 98 because it is one of the most reliable guns you can buy and I wanted to keep the cost under $100.

Phase 1: Cutting of the Model 98

To cut the Tippmann Model 98 first you need to take the P90 apart and remove all of the airsoft internals. Then lay the 98 down on half of the open receiver. Next make where you need to cut the marker so that it will fit inside. Now the fun part, I just used a hack saw to cut the 98, but you could use something else to make it easier, little bit of hard work never hurt anyone though. I have marked the places that I cut below.

When finished cutting the 98 body I sanded down the cut areas. Once the 98 is cut you are ready to move onto Phase 2: Preparing the P90 Body.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

RGM-79(G) HAMMER WIP part 3

Okay not a whole lot to update but I did finish the missile pods for the legs and attached them today I also put iridescent film over the visor. The only thing left are the decals and I still need to get and paint the shield and bazooka...but here is a sneak peak of the RGM-79(G) HAMMER with a missile pack.I will post more pics when the kit is finished and case it. Until then I will be painting the 1/144 Sandrock Custom for the group build at Hobby Fanatics.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

RGM-79(G) HAMMER WIP part 2

Okay time for a little update. Last night I worked on the missile packs for the legs. To make them I used parts from a old computer power supply and then sharped some pieces from another gundam's tree. I then weathered them by dry brushing sliver on it and hand painted the missile tips red. Now I just need to drill holes in the legs to mount them.

Now I need to get the shield and decide what main weapon to give him...I am leaning towards a bazooka. Other then that I just need to apply decals and the first suit in my special ops team will be done.

Monday, April 19, 2010

RGM-79(G) HAMMER WIP part 1

Okay so as I said earlier I am currently painting this kit but I wanted to put up some pics of the the work before painting.

For a little bit of back ground on my ideas for this kit...I want to keep specific colors for each of the different factions. So for the EFSF I have chosen to do red and light gray. Also I am planning on make a mobile suit team based on paintball team positions (for more info see the link in my paintball page). This suit will be the HAMMER, his job is to lay down a huge amount of cover fire for advancing troops or do enough damage to destroy any cover the enemy may be hiding behind. To accomplish this I have modified the back pack by adding the dual gatling guns from a 1/144 none grade Slash Zaku Phantom. This was all I was going to do, however, after looking back at my sketch of what I wanted to do with this unit I will have to do a little more modding. I will be adding missile pods to each leg and equipping it with a larger shield (the one given to the RX-78).

So here are some pics of the back pack mods before painting:

Made a few pages about each of my hobbys

Finished my Paintball, Cake Showcase, and Gundam Display Case pages for now. They will be updated as I complete more cakes, models, and take more pictures of paintballing. Below are a few pictures from each of the pages. Enjoy.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

First Post!

Here is a sneak peak at the gundam model I am painting now...hopefully it will be finished by the end of next week when I get some decals.