I have been paintballing since 2004. I am a big fan of woodsball...not so much speedball. I started out with a Tippmann 98 custom and have been upgrading it ever I have 10 guns and most of them are upgraded 98's.

Anyways here is a link to my brigade page:

Here are some old picks from the field my friends and I made in my parents back ward. As you can see we love smoke bombs. In the second pic of me on the run you can see my original Tippmann 98 custom. The third pic is also my original 98 with the flat line barrel, q-loader, and a custom paint job I did my self with leaves. The forth pic is me with another Tippmann 98 custom; this one also has a custom paint job and has been upgraded with the cyclone feed, response trigger, G36 shroud and rail from Ospgear, and a red dot sight...this is my favorite gun to play with. I have repainted both of these guns with a digital camo pattern.

My friend Brandon Robinson and I were an insurgents for the ROTC training day in February of 2009. So here are some pics of me from that...they didn't know what hit them.


Here are a few of my guns:
The first one is my original with the flat line barrel and q-loader...this is a nice set up but requires a lot of maintenance and near perfect paintballs. However, if you have the patience and the right conditions this gun is great and I have picked people of from abound 40 to 50 yards through holes in bunkers no bigger then 2 to 3 inches.  

The second gun is my gun of choice, with the cyclone feed and response trigger. This works great for me because I hated having to carry extra batteries for my electronic hopper. With this set up I get both a high rate of fire and feed rate. Which is great for laying down cover fire for teammates to advance on enemy players.Other upgrades on this gun include a aluminum power tube, red dot sight, rail and shroud, collapsible stock.

The third gun is a Tippmann model 98 so it was not meant to be upgraded. However, I drilled a hole in the side to allow a new aluminum power tube that could allow the use of the cyclone feed. Also, I modified an A-5 50 cal kit from Opsgear to fit o it. I must say that it is pretty fun to play with because of much it scares other players. One game I played with it and the other team would come within 100 yards of me.

The forth gun is also a Tippmann Model 98...hard to believe I know. I saw online a few people that had turned various paintball guns into P90's. So I decided that I would do it too. After gutting an airsoft P90 and hacking of the handle and front grip of the 98 I had my own P90 paintball gun. i decided to use the q-loader system on this gun as well to keep the loader away from the top rail for the sight. Using this gun make me feel like I am in Stargate SG-1...I love the show.

The fifth and final gun...for now. is a Tippmann Pro Carb. This is an old gun from Tippmann, although they have now released a new version of the this gun. This is the gun my wife uses when she plays. This is a great gun for snipping. It is really light weight and extremely accurate with the Special Ops C-series carbon fiber barrel.