Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Pandemic Custom Role: Bacteriologist

I am a little late to the Pandemic Board Game scene, but it is a really fun co-op game. I have had a lot of fun playing it and using the expansion On the Brink. My gaming group isn't the biggest fan of the Bio-terrorist Challenge, so I decided to make a custom role for the unused Black pawn. I present the Bacteriologist:
When designing this role I wanted it to be useful even when not playing with On the Brink. I also wanted to encourage team work and encourage the building of research centers; because in most games we only build 2 to 3 research centers total.

The Bacteriologist isn't as strong as the Scientist, but the Bacteriologist helps other players use their City cards without just discarding them.

Right now this is the only card I have made and I am not sure I will make more but if I do I will continue to use my custom symbol:

Who knows maybe I will have my own small expansion at one point.