Saturday, April 6, 2013

My Heroscape stuff

As you know I really like the game Heroscape and for the past 2 years have been posting all of my Heroscape customs here on this blog. You probably also noticed that I have removed all of my Heroscape related posts from this blog. Well I have decided to create a new blog that will be strictly dedicated to my Heroscape customs. Not everything that I had here is there yet but it will be.

Check it out here:

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Tangled Tower Cake

Well it has been a long time since I made a cake involving this much it took me about 4 hours to complete. It is completely decorated with cream cheese frosting.

I made this cake (2 or 3 weeks ago) because at my church we had a service auction and I gave a custom birthday cake as my service. The winners of the auction requested a Tangled theme and left the rest up to me. At first I was simply going to do a 2D tower, but as I thought more about it I really wanted to do a 3D tower like some cakes I had looked at as references online.

To start I placed a complete 11x13 cake as the base and then put I 9in round cake covering just less then half of the 11x13 to create the hill the tower will sit on. Then I cut away the excess 9in round and frosted it all in a light green.

Next, I frosted on the river and inserted the paper towel roll (covered in aluminum foil) for the tower. I was going to use cup cakes for the tower but I decided that it would not be stable enough when transporting.

Next, I frosted the tower. This included a the "stones" and vines of the tower. I also added small leaves for flowers on the grass.

Here is a close up of the tower showing the leaves on the vines.

Next, I add pink dots for flowers on the tower vines and the leaves on the grass. Also, I added the shore to the river for some added detail.

Here is a close up of the top of the tower which is made with 3 cup cakes. I placed them on a octagon base that was slightly bigger then the top of a cup cake. Notice that it is on top of a Mt. Dew can...this is what kept me going until 4am to finish this beast.

Here is the top of the tower placed on the the cake.

Okay, time for the finishing touches! Rapunzel's golden hair flowing out of the tower window.

I decided to continue Rapunzel's hair and have it form the words on the cake. I liked the idea but I was so tired by this point that the writing wasn't my best. But it still looked decent.

So, there you have it. I was pleased with how it turned out but I think it is time that I learned how to work with fondant for the next time I make a cake similar to this.

Friday, November 5, 2010

1/144 GM Finished

So it has been way to long since I made an update. I thought I would have more time once I graduated but that has proven untrue. Due t procrastination and working on other models such as this GM I failed to complete my two entries for the Gundam Wing Group build at Hobby Fanatics. With that I am very pleased on how this turned out and can now focus on finishing my Sandrock Gundam along with other in-progress projects including recasting gundam parts and miniatures for Heroscape.

Hope you like my take on the GM and let me know what you think.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The GM WIP part 1

So this WIP will be for the GMs that I plan on completing this year. First up is the standard GM. I got around to washing him yesterday and primed him today.

Right now I plan on completing two more GMs...the GM Striker and a standard RGM-79(G). These all will be in my standard EFF colors (See the RGM-79(G) HAMMER).

Monday, August 23, 2010

1/144 Char's Zaku II Finished

Char's Zaku II is finished! That makes 3 gundam models finished this year...and I plan on a lot more if I can just stay focused. Anyways, I really like how this one turned out. The deep reds look so good and Char is supposed to be RED so that's what I did. I also decided to just display him with the bazooka...enjoy the pics.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

1/144 Char's Zaku II WIP part 3

So, I have pretty much finished painting, applying decals, and weathering on Char's Zaku II. Now I am just waiting for the dulcoat to dry and I need to fix up a few spots like on the shield where some paint pealed off. Here are some progress picks.

I am really pleased with how the reds turned out and I personally think that it looks more menacing with the dark reds then salmon and brown...but that's just me.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

1/144 Char's Zaku II WIP part 2

Well got a lot of painting done today. Now I just have to wait for the paint to dry and mask the parts that get more then one color, then its on to panel lining, weathering, and decals.

Here is a pic of the painted pieces...hopefully I can get this done quickly.